The entry of the Roemer Visscher College in The Hague is characterized by an impressive staircase, used as an amphitheater but also as a lunch spot. The students of the typical craft school are the middle class of later. They are the hands of society and will soon have a large share more

The contours of a typical dutch farm, stand as a monumental line drawing in the landscape. Those who pass the Stork’s Homestead by car, undergo a unique spatial experience.
The location of the work, Vathorst, owes its name to the old farmhouse "The Vathorst" which has survived among the thousands of new-built homes. more

The main entrance of the new nature education center in Zoetermeer is formed by the screen of wire mesh. Irregular holes in the mesh screen create a natural appearance. However, the strict grid also refers to the orderly character of the neighborhood.
The title refers to "Composition more

Representing the Provence of Zeeland in the South Agriculture and Horticulture Organisation,
this ceramic relief is made of Zeeland clay, dug from a farmer’s acre.

The former school building on Noordzeestraat in the Utrecht Rivierenwijk was rebuilt into a multifunctional district center in 2008 and is used by children, youth and seniors. The Utrecht artist Andre Pielage chose the impressive wide staircase as a site for his artwork. The architecture more

Non-realised commission for the municipality of Amersfoort.

André Pielage  |  Singel 116, 3112 GT Schiedam  |  06 - 13 95 80 75

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