Bronze cube 2007

Each work of Pielage has a minimal frame, a skeleton that is reduced to the bone. Exemplary are the cubes he made, in which the twelve ribs form a rickety structure that could collapse any moment and therefore does constantly, but yet also capable to keep afloat like a house of cards. Those provisional fixation of imbalance makes it a risk to watch it. You only have to blink your eyes and it has become impossible. It's like that Pielage's cubes learns to stand and walk. He put them up and they threaten to sink immediately.
These objects Pielage makes of thin twigs, or a trompe l'oeil variant in a bronze replica that again is deceptively stable , or in a slack wire that can be folded. Struggling in a persistent form Pielage gird at mathematical laws and plays with our physical certainties . Yet this unpredictable work is totally reliable. If something is unreliable , then it's our eyes and our ability of observation.

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